Jennifer Bell has been involved in dogs all her life and dog shows since the age of 18. She began in field trials with her Labrador Retrievers and put titles on two of them when she was just 12 years old.

Jennifer's first show dog, a Great Dane named K-C was purchased with a student loan! She attended handling classes and worked very hard to learn to show Great Danes through her next few Danes, BelleRose, Hunter, and Chase.

Jennifer attended Louisiana State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in AgriBusiness Management. She later earned a Master of Business Administration and opened a pet sitting business in the Baton Rouge area.

Although Jennifer showed many dogs for others through the years, she started handling professionally officially in 2008 and finished her first client dog, a Dane named Sonny. Jennifer looks forward to many more years of showing, finishing and specialling dogs of many breeds.

A Message From Jennifer: I consider myself a professional handler of a different style. I am highly interested in the breedings and promotion of my clients and their program. I spend time speaking to my clients about their breeds and their breeding plans. I also make time to take client dogs to health clinics while at shows. I am always available for ringside pickup and can carry between 7-10 dogs in my temperature monitored van. The dogs either sleep in the van or in the secured show site if I have too many to take to my hotel room.


Labrador Retrievers
Working breeds: Great Danes, Akitas, Corsos, Boxers
Other Sporting breeds: Pointers, German Shorthairs, Vizslas


a safe environment for your dogs!
professionalism from start to finish!
a sincere relationship with both dog and client!


Shaye Denman has been involved in dogs all her life since her mother was a profesional dog show handler. She's been a professional handler's assistant for 10 years and started working for Jennifer Bell again in 2015.

Shaye's specialty breeds are Australian Shepherds, Clumber Spaniels, Beagles and Newfoundlands. Shaye is extremely talented with the dogs and is an asset to Jennifer's business.

Dyna Vestal was born into showing with her parents showing their Great Danes. When she was eight, her parents bought her a Beagle to show in breed and eventually in Junior Showmanship. Dyna now has two Beagles, Ranger and Amy whom she handles in Breed and Juniors. She plays a vital role in Jennifer's business as she learns the ropes of the dog show world.

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