2018 RATES - Agent Code - 6573

All-Breed Shows: $100/day - class or special
Independent Specialty Shows: $150/day - class or special
National Specialty (excludes Beagles): $150 - for all breeds, including futurities and sweepstakes
National Beagle Club National Specialty: $75 - class or special, including sweepstakes
Royal Canin (weekend only): $150/day
Westminster: $500 plus all expenses paid

Boarding Fee: $15/night all-breeds, Beagles $7.50/night, $20/night if food is to be included

ROAD EXPENSES Vet and Airport Delivery: $50
Travel: The following expenses will be split between all dogs in van: fuel, hotel, parking, reserved grooming space and tolls.

Training Class: $25/ private class
***Flat rates are offered for full months to include board, handling and expenses.
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